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CONSULTORÍA INTEGRAL DE OBRA CIVIL, CIDOC S.L., was born in 1999 derived from the original company, ESTUDIOS TÉCNICOS DE INGENIERÍA Y URBANISMO, ETINUR S.L., which started in 1990 in the engineering field with the aim to serve as a support for construction companies.

Right from the beginning the company committed itself to the technological innovation and the use of the state- of- the- art in calculation software and related equipment. Our aim then is to provide with an integral and innovating service for our customers.
We rely on a highly experienced team in the field of engineering and construction, obtaining assistance from experts in computer engineering and mathematics, more than a 90% of these have a BSc degree.
Our main goal is the quality of our products. To reach this, we have developed management procedures, which optimize the whole process of any project dividing it into different tasks and appointing for each one the best specialist.


Besides, our computer science department develops their own tailor-made programs according to our customers’ requests both in the fields of engineering and management.

With this we reach our main objective, which is meeting deadlines. Our various works previously executed can prove this.

Finally we would like to emphasize that our company has agreed the cooperation with specialists in the field, thus obtaining the best job quality in the best work force.


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    Delegación Madrid:

    Av de Europa, 15
    Portal 4, 3ºc.
    (28224) Pozuelo de Alarcón
    Tlf: +34 917 99 00 76
    Fax: +34 917990086

    Delegación Alicante:

    C/ Pintor Aparicio, 28
    (03003) Alicante