Designación: Preparation of technical documentation at the levels of a basic and detailed design for a highway solution for the Demir Kapija-Smokvica section of European Corridor 10, being an integral part of the national road M-1 (E-75)

Descripción: Location: Central-south part of the Republic of Macedonia: region of Demir Kapija gorge – Miravci (Valandovo valley) – Smokvica (Gevgelija valley). This area belongs to the municipalities Demir Kapija, Valandovo and Gevgelija. The predicted traffic frequency is 11.000 AADT. New highway from the town Demir Kapija down to the village Smokvica. That is the last un-upgraded section of the existing motor road/highway E-75, that runs through the Republic of Macedonia and connects Republic of Serbia and the Republic of Greece.

Ubicación: Demir Kapija-Smokvica, Macedonia.

Organismo: Agency of State Roads of the Republic of Macedonia.

Presupuesto: US$ 200 million.