Designación: Desalinated Water Supply for Spence growth options Project


With the background of developing a new concentration plant, named Spence Growth Options (SGO) Minera Spence requires a new water source and its conveyance to the mine. The development of the new water source involves construction and operation of a seawater reverse osmosis (SWRO) desalinization plant located at Mejillones, approximately 60 km north of Antofagasta, next to the Kelar power plant, currently under construction.

The purpose is the delivery to Minera Spence SA product water from the seawater desalination plant up to reach a production of 1,000 l/s, including complementary seaworks of catchment and unloading, the pre-treatment units, reverse osmosis, post-treatment and complementary installations and the system for water product transportation and electrical transmission line from Kapatur substation to allow a continuous supply of water to the installation to operate optimally. The project comprises the design, construction, operation, maintenance and transfer of all Project components: Marine Works, Desalination Plant and Product Water Conveyance System, High Voltage Electrical Supply System, Operations and Manteinance and Term & Transfer.

Ubicación: Mejillones (Chile)

Cliente: BHP Billiton