Designación: Posorja multi-purpose Terminal

Descripción: The new multi-purpose terminal will be located at the mouth of the Guayas River, 60km downstream of the Port of Guayaquil on its Northern shore in Ecuador

The new multi-purpose terminal will count on approximately 355.000 m2, being around 90.000 m2 land reclamation. In order to achieve this, a perimeter of the future esplanades will be formed by retaining dikes.


  • Quay
  • Earth works, Bund Reclamation& Ground Improvement
  • Pavements & Services
  • Electrical Works
  • Utilities(Potable Water, Drainage, Sewage, Data infra)
  • Substation Buildings
  • Fire Pump House
  • Leaking Container Chassis

Ubicación: Ecuador

Cliente: DP WORLD